Pest Control Berwick

Is your Berwick property severely infested by the pests? Looking for a reliable pest control company serving the Berwick community? If so, look no further than Premium Pest Control. Our pest control services are thorough, consistent, customised and intended to give our customers the complete peace of mind they deserve. 

Our Range Of Pest Control Services Include:

Termite Control Berwick:

When you notice the signs of termites such as mud holes, wood shavings or skeleton shedding, contacting our termite control team is crucial. We will perform a comprehensive termite inspection of your property and take out the threat of termites from your house. 

Rodent Control Berwick:

Having a rodent infestation in your property can be very upsetting and can make you feel uncomfortable. At Premium Pest Control, we have a number of rodent control options that help you get rid of rats, mice, possums, squirrels and other types of rodents in the shortest time possible. Instead of taking responsibilities in your hand, why not call our rat control experts for help?

Cockroach Control Berwick:

Cockroaches can enter a small crevice around a window or door and invade your building. When cockroaches crawl on surfaces, they spread horrible bacteria and cause serious health problems. If you don’t want these insects to occupy your home, have our experts to help with your cockroach control needs.

Ant Pest Control Berwick:

Ants can be a common problem in every household. If you have found ants in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home, you can contact our ant pest control team for a quick solution. We will block all entry points and fully address the problem. 

Whether you are experiencing a pest problem or suspect that your property is vulnerable to pest infestation, feel free to call us at 0401 284 889