Pest Control Blackburn

Premium Pest Control has been providing effective pest control treatments and inspections for residences and commercial spaces in Blackburn and its nearby suburbs. From thoroughly inspecting to providing an accurate solution for pest infestation, we have been helping our customers with the cost-effective pest control treatments.

 Our Range of Services Include

 Termite Control Blackburn

Termite infestation can be hard to find. However, with certain symptoms like damp wood, click sound from walls, papery timber, frass or wood particles on the floor can inform their presence. Most drywood termites leave their frass in the wood on which they feed on. This is one of the important signs that approve their infestation. Our termite control and termite inspection service are intended to eliminate them from your house and prevent their infestation.

 Rodent Control Blackburn

Are rats messing your property? Premium Pest Control offers effective rat control methods to put an end to their infestation and stop them from coming back. Rats can easily find their way to your home if they find your space habitable. They hide under dark spots and can be awake during the night. From ruining your grocery to your favourite clothes, these are trouble-makers. Our rat control methods eliminate them quickly and thoroughly. We use effective rodent control methods like traps, baits, fumigation, and more.

 Cockroach Control Blackburn

Dealing with annoying cockroaches? From contaminating your food and water to destroying fabrics, cockroaches can do extensive damage to your health and property. You can help reduce their infestation by taking measures like house cleaning and sealing their entry points. If you need professional assistance, take advantage of our cockroach control service, where you eliminate them and prevent future infestations.

 Ant Control Blackburn

Struggling with ant Infestation? They’re more likely to crawl around the kitchen in search of food crumbs and are hard to eliminate. If you are looking for ant removal in Blackburn, call the experts in ant control, we use effective methods to eliminate their colonies from your home and keep them at bay.

 If you’re looking for pest control service in Blackburn, feel free to call Premium Pest Control on 0401 284 889.