Pest Control Dandenong

Premium Pest Control is a local pest control company offering professional services for the extermination of various pests to our customers across Dandenong and the surrounding suburbs. Whether you have a commercial or residential pest problem, we have a pest control solution to meet your needs.  

Our Range Of Pest Control Services Include:

Termite Control Dandenong:

Termites put your home at risk, causing serious and expensive damages to your property. Stop worrying by scheduling termite inspection with Premium Pest Control. We recognise the signs of termite activities and execute the best termite control method to make your home pest-free. 

Rodent Control Dandenong:

Rat infestation is one of the most dangerous pest problems that need immediate attention. Specialised in rodent control, we use ethical rat control methods such as traps, dust formulations, fumigation, poisons and bait systems to ensure the safety of your property. 

Cockroach Control Dandenong:

Cockroaches spend their day in cracks and crevices, roaming around at night in search of food. As these insects spread food poisoning and cause allergies in some people, eradicating them is extremely crucial. We not only provide rapid cockroach control but also advise on how to protect your premises from further infestation. 

Ant Pest Control Dandenong:

Though ants are not considered to be the vectors of diseases, they can contaminate your food, putting your family’s health at risk. Premium Pest Control have a vast array of ant pest control products in our arsenal and help rid you of these nuisance pests permanently. 

Are pests invading your home? Call 0401 284 889 and talk to our exterminator for a home inspection today! Let’s find out which species has infested your home!