Pest Control Officer

Need to keep your home or business pest-free? Looking for a pest control expert serving the Officer community? Premium Pest Control is a leading pest management expert that you can trust. Proudly serving Officer and the surrounding suburbs for more than 15 years, our goal is to provide you with complete peace of mind by protecting your property against unwanted pests.

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Ant Pest Control Officer:

Ant colonies tend to spread out quickly and become a never-ending problem. From fire ants to carpenter ants, we can deal with all types of ants and keep you protected by designing a bespoke ant control plan for your home or business.

Cockroach Control Officer:

Cockroaches are known to be excellent hiders. Our cockroach control team locates all the infested areas and come up with targeted treatments that can efficiently get rid of the infestation and keep roaches away for a long span of time.

Rodent Control Officer:

There are various types of rodents in Melbourne, including possums, roof rats and house mice. Our rodent control team will develop a plan that is tailored to your needs and keep you protected against all types of rodents.

Wasp Nest Removal Officer:

Wasps tend to build nests in discreet places, including in the ground and decks. Our highly-trained wasp nest removal team knows exactly how to remove the nest safely and effectively from your home or business.

Termite Control Officer:

When it comes to termite control, you need the most effective solution. With the unique knowledge, tools and techniques, we can eliminate these annoying pests and keep your property safe from them all year long.

Your home or business is one of your biggest investments, so you want to protect it from all kinds of destroying pests. Whether you need termite inspection or rat control services, we can keep you and your property safe from the invading pests with regular inspections and bespoke treatments. For more information on our pest control services, call 0401 284 889 and talk to our exterminators today.