Pest Control Price

General Pest Spray – This is for Ants, Spiders, Garden cockroaches, earwigs and all your creepy crawlies. The treatment consists of, dusting the roof space, spraying the inside of the property and the outside. This treatment comes with a 6-month warranty$198-unit $220 house

Rodents – This treatment is for Rats and Mice, we will bait the roof space with a specialised bait that is slow acting, the rodents will become dehydrated and leave to find water minimising the risk of them dying in the property. We also bait under the floor if its accessible and where required we use lockable mouse boxes inside the property. Rat boxes are used if required outside and can be screwed to fences etc. 6-month warranty if hygiene is kept up and lawns are maintained.  $176 Rat boxes are an extra $15 each.

Bee / Wasp Removal – Remove bees to a new location, dust wasps. 2-month warranty if returned to the same location. Roof. $110

Possums – We seal up all entry points we can see and use a one-way door system as well as possum cages in the roof.  We offer a 1-year warranty on our repair work. Prices start at $500.

Flea Treatments – Full treatment of internal areas and if required full garden and subfloor. in extreme infestations we use a smoke generator. $220 for a unit $250 for a house

Bird – Removal if nest from $154

Bird lice Treatment – Removal of nest, dusting of house and spraying inside $220.

Termites – Spot treatment of termites in building, we treat the subfloor if its accessible, treat the full perimeter of building and inspect for any damage, we come back after 6 weeks to make sure all termites are gone. 8-year warranty with Termidor providing a yearly inspection is done with a qualified inspector. Very safe for tenant’s prices start from $1540 for a unit, $1760 on concrete slab, $1980 on stumps.

Termite inspection – Pre purchase or piece of mind inspections $198

Bed Bugs – Treatment of premises, steaming of mattresses, floor cracks, crevices and spraying Temprid water-based product with a growth regulator. Strict instructions must be followed by client including washing of all bed linen. From $330

German Cockroaches – Treatment of internal areas including around cupboards, doorways, fridges, bathrooms, kitchens, and hot water services in internal. We use a gel treatment which is the safest most effective was to eradicate them. 3-month warranty $176

Deceased Pest – removal of dead rodent or possum in the roof space, providing we can get to it $99.