Pest Control Glen Waverley

Premium Pest Control has been offering professional pest control treatments and extermination services for residences and commercial properties in Glen Waverley and its surrounding suburbs. Pest infestation is serious trouble, and if it just starting up or have a serious infestation, our pest controllers are here to help you.

Our Range Of Service Include

Termite Control Glen Waverley

Termites can damage your home by eating up all the wood and it is impossible to notice. If you suspect any signs of termite infestation, you can leave it to us. We provide termite inspection and perform the best termite control methods to keep your home pest-free.

 Rodent Control Glen Waverley

Rat infestation is a serious nuisance. If you see any signs of dead rats or suspect any scurrying in the night, learn that your house is infested by rats. They can do more damage to your house, right from gnawing your favourite nuts and grocery bags; they will devour your food items, contaminate your drinking water, and do all sorts of dirty works if you do not eliminate them. As experts in rodent control, we use rodent control methods like trapping, baits, fumigation, poisons, and dust formulations to eliminate them from your house.

Cockroach Control Glen Waverley

It is vital to get rid of cockroaches from your property before they turn into an infestation. Cockroach infestations are stubborn and require professional assistance to eliminate thoroughly. They carry disease-causing bacteria and contaminate food, water and they can spread to the entire house sooner than you expect. As these are great in causing allergies, and poisoning food, eliminating them is crucial. Our cockroach control service helps to eradicate them. Also, we give you suggestions to keep your premises from further infestation.

 Ant Control Glen Waverley

Are you finding marching ants at home? These tiny creatures are a trouble. They will invade your space, contaminate your food, and put your health at risk. Premium Pest Control offers the best ant control method to eliminate them from your space thoroughly.

 Struggling with pests’ infestation? Call our team from Premium Pest Control for an inspection today. For appointments, call 0401 284 889.