Rats Vs Mouse

Rats VS Mouse

Many people cannot tell the differences between a rat and a mouse. There are a lot of different factors between a rat and a mouse. It’s very critical for a common home owner to understand the differences between a rat and a mouse. Understanding this information itself is enough to help you to protect yourself or home from these pests. So lets look at the below points to familiarise yourself with for future references.


  • Mouse on the other hand are more curious creatures and likely to be easily trapped with baits and other methods of pest control
  • Mouse are not fussy eaters and will almost likely to eat anything that you are setting up to trap them or anything that you can use as baits.
  • When it comes to eating place mouse/mice will more likely to build its nest or homes closer to its food sources.
  • Mouse are better known to come out during night time to look for food as they dislike sun light or bright light surroundings
  • Mouse habitat are found almost anywhere you can think of as they are diverse with their living conditions. They are conditioned just like any scavengers to survive just about anywhere that has abundance of food resource.
  • You can see tell when a mouse is present in the house by seeing traces of their droppings.


  • Rats are commonly known to be very cautious creators and they will not be easily trapped with baits and would sniff it out before trying any baits.
  • Rats are stronger than mouse and better swimmers than mouse so expect to seem more of them in the sewerage and broken down buildings and dirty toilets.
  • Rats are typically bigger and furrier than mouse. Everything about them is larger in size over a mouse

Overall it’s quite simple to tell the differences between a rat and a mouse. However given that a rat is proportionally larger than a typical mouse one must understand that a mouse are usually faster and harder to catch if ever you have tried to catch one yourself.

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