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If you want your home or business to remain clean, tidy and healthy and free from rodents, you need to design a plan that will help you in your efforts. Due to the monumental amount of information on topics like pest control, the assistance that you need is just a few keystrokes away. Premium Pest Control offer effective rodent control, rat control services across Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Narre Warren and nearby suburbs.

From do it yourself methods to eradicate the home of rodents before they increase into full-blown infestations to using pre-emptive measures to keep them out of your home altogether, there are many different ways to maintain a rodent and pest free environment. Here are 3 natural rodent control proactive measures to implement in your home. 

  1. Store and Discard Your Food Away with Neat Practices. 

When you store food away, it is important for each container to be tightly sealed and then stored away. Wash the dishes frequently and get up any residue of the food from counters and floors so that no smell can draw them to your home. Leftover food should not be dumped in your garbage can but in your kitchen’s garbage disposal. 

  1. Seal up any holes around your home 

Rodents traditionally have their own places that they like to spend their times. One of its places in and around your home. Normally, they can be found hiding in dirty places, wood and dark spaces where they can get their food for the day. So, one of the main goals is to keep them out by ceiling up holes that compromise your space. 

  1. Keep things Organized and Put Away 

Disorganized places is a huge deal when it comes to keeping rodents out. This is because these pests like to find places that they can hide, even if you have a pile of books lying around. For instance, if you leave them long enough, you will find that there are feces and books gnawed on. 

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For professional advice and assistance, you can contact Premium Pest Control technicians in Dandenong, Narre warren, Hampton Park, Noble park, Berwick. Pakenham, Rowville, Keysborough, Cranbourne, Clyde, Carrum downs, Frankston, Seaford, Ferntree gully Knox, Scoresby, Wantirna, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Springvale, Clayton and all across Melbourne including Mornington peninsula who are highly specialised and provide long-term solutions to the problem of rats and rodents infestation. Call us today on 0401 284 889 for a free quote..


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