What Attracts Termites To Your Home?

There are many approaches to termite control; however, understanding what attracts them to your home is the first step in preventing them. Once they infest your home, it becomes difficult to eradicate them. Your home may be the perfect environment for them to live in. That’s why it is crucial to understand the safety of your home and call the pest control Dandenong company to inspect your property. Before that, you must know what makes them visit your property and what can be done to protect your home. Let’s discuss.

#Termites prefer to invade woods with high moisture content and decaying wood. So, if your house has any decaying wood or wet wood, ensure to remove them as early as possible. As these sneaky trespassers are already inside, it’s a must to identify such wooden structures and surroundings. These environments would be a prime destination for termite colonies. So, if the wooden structures are not treated properly or have moisture inside, it’s better to get rid of them at the earliest.

#Moisture is one of the main reasons that help termites thrive well. Keep the soil dry and fix all the leaky pipelines. Clear up the dead leaves and stumps, they attract termites as they rot. Ensure to keep the firewood and woodpiles far from the house structure. It becomes an easy pathway to travel from firewood and to your home.

#Any cracks or crevices in-home structure will provide the opportunity for termites to enter your house. While moving in, make sure to seal and fix any openings.

#If you’re moving to a new home, ensure to check the house structure, garage, laundry area and do a termite control Dandenong protection to stop these tiny critters from damaging your property. Also, check the garden and remove the dirt and debris, dried leaves, wet wood piles regularly.

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