Protect Your House From Rodents This Spring – Here’s How?

Did you know? Rodents have a fascinating population than humans. They tend to spend their lives with you in the house where you live. Sad! Isn’t it? Spring is the season where they breed & multiply & take shelter, eat the season’s fresh produce & feed on groceries & dirty your space. So, make sure to call the pest control inspector for help to visit your property. You may think one or two rats won’t be a problem until you realise that each rat gives birth to up to 24 babies in a row. And, your house will look like a rat castle. Instead of skipping the warning signs, call Premium Pest Control to help you & put an end to these annoying critters. You can also use prevention tips to keep your house unlikely for them.


Spring is all about indulging in fresh fruits, vegetables & crunchy nuts. However, the smell of these can entice rats too & they devour your favourite fruits you happily bought to eat. More than getting annoyed, it is unsafe. So, use powerful repellents on areas you suspect their presence and on crevices & cracks. So the rats might have to rethink entering your space.

Upgrade Your Food Storage

If you have bought some good snacks & nuts, it’s good to seal them in air-tight containers. You can even upgrade your storage cabinet & make it harder for them to access the storage. As rats carry diseases & dirty, it’s crucial to protect your foods away from their reach.

Keep Your Space Clutter-Free

Is your home clean and organised? Rodents love to hide in left & abandoned areas at your home. If you have so many piles of clutter bundled up, chances are they hide inside to protect them from predators & to make shelter out of it. So, keep all the areas of your home clutter-free & organised.

So, if you have been troubled by rats and need professional assistance from Pest Control Pakenham, call Premium Pest Control on 0401 284 889 today.

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