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Ants marching nearby?

Here's how to prevent them from entering your home.

No homeowner who has faced the problem of ants in the home needs to be reminded of how big of a nuisance these little pests can be, the best way to control them is by the ant pest control. Be aware that winter is the prime time for ants to try and make their move indoors. Premium Pest Control offer effective ant control & extermination service around Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Narre Warren and nearby suburbs.

Two things are certain – homeowners have plenty of opportunities to find ants in and around their living spaces, and there are plenty of ant varieties to be found. But ants aren’t just irritating. From food contamination to property damage, ants can also pose a significant health risk to your home and family.

Ants are largely attracted to moisture, so in attempting to keep those out of your home during the winter, homeowners could do well to pay close attention to the snow and ice building up around the house.Also, all rodent control pest services mentioned in the Services section.

Where to check to prevent ants in your home

The key is to focus on the main areas where ants are likely to try and make themselves at home.


The kitchen is a prime target for ants due to the presence of both food and moisture. To help keep them out, try to:


The kitchen isn’t the only meeting spot for ants – excess moisture in the bathroom attracts them as well. Be careful with leaks and drips around all sinks, tubs, and toilet seats.


The closer ants get to your home, the more likely they are to move in. Excess moisture is again likely to be a big drawback here, so it’s very important to repair leaks from areas like downspouts, drain lines and air conditioning lines. Some ants even nest in wood, so be sure to keep any stacked firewood at least 20 feet away from your house.

Following these basic guidelines should keep things clean and dry, and also trying some high standard ant pest control help you avoid ants in your home. But if you think they might already have found their way in, don’t wait until you have a big problem to take action. Please give a Call Immediately on 0401 284 889 to contact with Premium Pest Control and leave it to the professionals.

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