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It is important for humans to learn how to co-exist with wasps and bees because they contribute a big part of our ecosystem. Honeybees help to pollinate commercial fruits, crops, and vegetables. In addition, they help to produce millions of beeswax and honey. On the other hand, wasps feed on insects like garden pests and house flies which can be harmful to crops. Despite the many benefits that bees and wasps offer these insects can pose a threat to people. Studies show that approximately 50 to 100 people die from bees and wasps sting. Premium Pest Control offer bee & wasp nest removal service in Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne, Narre Warren, Clyde and nearby suburbs.

There are thousands of bees and wasps species but only a small percentage can be harmful to people. The most dangerous bees’ species is the honey bee which has a yellow colour as well as black stripes on their bodies. European wasps have a black colour on the front half and yellow spots on the back half of their body. Honeybees usually make their nest in wall cavities and trees while European wasps can make their nest in ceilings and walls. If you have found bees and wasps in or around your home you should not attempt to treat the problem alone. Instead, you should look for a professional exterminator to remove the bees and wasps.

Premium Pest Control is a professional and licensed pest control company that offer bee removal and pest removal services to business and homeowners. We understand how dangerous it can be to undertake bee and wasp removal on your own because the risk of getting stung is high. Many people have complained about getting stung while trying to remove bee and wasp sting on their own. Hiring a professional pest control company like us can help solve the problem of bee and wasp sting as we use personal protective equipment.

Unlike ordinary people who lack skills to remove these pests on their own, professional exterminators like us are fully qualified and trained in the most effective bee and wasp removal techniques. Also, all rodent control pest services mentioned in the Services section. Most clients want to hire our services because we offer fast & reliable pest control service, have certified and knowledgeable technicians, and offer comprehensive treatments at affordable costs. Call us on 0401 284 889 for more information.


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