Quick And Easy Tips To Keep Rodents Away From Your Home

Rodents, including rats, mice and squirrels, tend to breed all-year-round, with several species breeding numerous times in a year. As a result, the rodents grow in numbers so quickly that your home can be flooded with these intrusive pests when the most appropriate pest control Dandenong techniques are not implemented immediately. If you realise that your home is more susceptible to rodent infestation, lookout for the following signs:

  • Droppings on kitchen cabinets, drawers and pantries

  • Urine pools and trails

  • Musky odours

  • Nibble marks on food containers and boxes

  • Footprints and tail marks along the dusty spots

  • Nests inside and behind home appliances

  • Gnaw marks on wood

  • Scampering and squeaking sounds at night

  • Change in the attitude of the pets

Easy and Quick Tips For Rodent Control:

  • Proper Storage And Disposal Of Food:

If you have any leftover food, don’t dump it in the garbage or in the yard as this could be an attractive sight to the rodent control Dandenong. Also, make sure that you have tightly sealed the food containers.

  • Seal The Holes Around Your Home:

Hollow spaces can be inviting for the rodents. If you find any holes in or around your home, you should close it by cement to keep the rodents away.

  • Keep Your Surrounding Organised:

If your surroundings are messy and scraps are piled up in a disorganised manner, then it could be the best dwelling place for the rodents. So, it is important to keep your home as well as the surroundings neat and tidy to prevent rodents from settling down.

  • Remove Standing Water:

To ensure rodent control, the standing water should be swept off on a regular basis. The accumulated water not only encourages rodent infestation but also paves the way for infestation of other types of pests.

If you still find it difficult to deal with rodent infestation, you can call the pest control experts of Premium Pest Control. We have years of experience in dealing with almost all types of pests and can come up with an ideal solution that suits your unique situation. To schedule an inspection, you can call us at 0401 284 889.

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