General Pest Sprays

Shield Your Home from Common Household Pests Using General Pest Sprays

General pest spray is a type of an insecticide that is commonly used in eliminating general pests known as crawlies and creepies. Such common household pests include ants, spiders, moths, cockroaches, carpet beetles, fleas, rats and mice, etc. To get rid of these household pests, general pest control spray treatment is applied quarterly or every three months in the surrounding perimeter of your house. This method is ideal if you are not experiencing serious infestation and you would just like to shield your home from these destructive pests.

Also, general pesticides can be home made by using various natural ingredients like elder leaves combined with water. This homemade insecticide is suitable in treating pest problems brought by caterpillars and aphids. Another homemade general pest spray is garlic spray which is made from combining garlic, mineral oil, and water with soap and can be used in a wide range of pest treatment. You can also make a general insect spray by combining crushed and unpeeled garlic heads, liquid paraffin, and melted oil based soap. Red pepper, garlic, and onion simmered in hot water also makes a good home made pest spray that can be used against caterpillars.

And if making homemade general pesticides is not a good idea for you, then you can opt to choose general pest control products that are sold in the market. To use these products, purchase a pesticide or chemical sprayer to apply it around your house or on areas where infestation is detected. This will ensure that your house is shielded from crawlies and creepies. But if the infestation is too severe for you to handle, you can always rely on Premium Pest control who can apply the appropriate method of treatment based on the results of our 15 years of experience in homes and buildings pest inspections.

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