How to Handle Termites

What to do if Termites are discovered in your home

It can be very disturbing to find termites inside your property. They are the worse kinds of pests that cannot harm you physically but financially can cost you more money than you can think of. So if you happened to find these termite pests you should continue reading further.

Typically termites are hidden in the corner of your house or some damp area of the property and often not noticeable until you have actually looked carefully. Signs of the termite infestation are typically in mud tubes or old paints and damped wooden places like house frames and windows frames. It can be hidden below the flooring of your home or sometimes under some old timber damp woods.

So what should I do after finding Termites?

Do not at all make any attempts to disturb these termites if you happen to find them. The last thing you want to do is try to DIY by killing them with some cheap Bunnings or Coles termite pest control products which will actually make things worse for yourself and the next pest controller to help you.

Please call Us Immediately 0401 284 889 and don’t even think about trying to save some money as termites are not something little that anyone can DIY themselves. We have some amazing stories where customer tried to DIY themselves and yet it back fired on them and actually costing more as this will make the job a lot harder and more costly and damaging to their property.

Call a Termite Pest Control Service !!!

At Premium Pest Control we are professionally trained and equipped with safe chemicals and baiting system to destroy the termites for you.

  • We offer free consultation within 12-24 hours from the time you have contacted us
  • We are fully licensed by Health Department License number L003484
  • We are fully insured and if anything was to happen unexpectedly we are fully covered
  • We deal with every pest control service with compliant treatments
  • We are friendly and professional at the same time
  • We offer very affordable quotes and even offer 10% discount to all pensioners

Keep in mind: most property insurers do not cover Termite pest problems. So the best and safest method to protect your family or investment property is to invest in a Termite Pest Control service like us. Its a short term pain but long term gain.

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