Keep Your Home Pest-Free & Winter-Ready This Season – Find How?

Pest issues are common, and they vary by season. As rats and spiders being active in the winter months, it’s time to get your home winter-ready to ensure safe and pest-free holidays. Pest-proofing not only helps in keeping your home safe and sound but also helps in controlling the unwanted damage or infestations in the following months ahead. So, along with your winter-cleaning routine, ensure to hire pest control Dandenong services to pest-proof your home. If you have been looking for tips, we lend some guidance on how you can keep your home pest-free and ready for holidays. Let’s get started.

Seal The Storage Containers

Just like organizing your cleaning chores and stocking groceries, invest your time in securing them properly. You must pack them with care. For this, you can go for durable plastic containers with tight sealing lids to avoid the crawling pests from infesting your storage.

Keep Your Kitchen Mess-Free

Food spills are one of the main reasons why pests are attracted to your home. So, make sure to clean up the kitchen after each and every meal, dispose of garbage regularly, and store your food in airtight containers.

Install door sweeps on exterior doors

Installing door sweeps to the bottom of exterior doors help to minimize the airflow from outside and seal the gap between the floor and the door. This will restrict the space for insects and rodents to enter the home. It’s also important to seal any cracks or crevices on the outside of the home, including areas like your pipelines and other utilities.

Store firewood Far From The Place

Woodpiles are the hot spot for many pests. So, ensure to store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and dust it off before bringing it indoors to avoid any unwanted visitors from hitching a ride indoors.

Bottom Line

Pest-proofing the home during the winter months is crucial, and it’s important to pest-proof your home at the start of each season to avoid visits from annoying seasonal pests. For any serious pest infestations, it’s best to call a licensed pest control professional in Melbourne – Premium Pest Control on 0401 284 889.

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