Top Summer Pest Control Tips For Households

With summer in full swing, pests like ants, flies, cockroaches, mice, possums, bees, and rodents are super-active and happily infesting households. Summer provides these pests abundant vegetation, where they play around and take shelter in the dark and moist places in your property.So, it is must to have a summer inspection done by the experts of pest control Dandenong team. The best way to prevent pests from entering your home is to make your space less interesting for them. These include keeping the environment trimmed, ventilated and mess-free. In this blog, we answer the most requested pest control tips recommended by pest control experts. Let’s get started.

  • Trim your overgrown garden and remove all sources of stagnant water as it becomes the breeding spots for mosquitoes and flies. If the yard has a fountain set up, you must remove and replace the water and avoid the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Pests dislike clean & properly protected houses and move to the next spot. So, always keep the kitchen counters clean and tidy and store the food in sealed containers to deter them away.

  • Are you stocking used and broken items in your house? If so, it’s time to throw them away or put them to good use. You must regularly declutter the used items and make sure you don’t provide any hiding places for pests.

  • Areas like the basements, attics and other spaces should be kept well ventilated and dry and never let moisture accumulate them. Moisture and damp areas are the best places for pests to take shelter.

  • When it comes to cleaning the kitchen waste, you must dispose of the waste and make sure the garbage bags are properly sealed.

  • It’s good to remodel or check the property’s condition from time to time. Also, if you come across crack or crevices through which pests can enter, seal them right away.

  • Also, consider replacing the weather-stripping around the windows and doors to stop these pests from entering.

If nothing works out, call a pest control professional for a home inspection and get rid of any infestation that’s possibly affecting you and your pets.

Bottom Line

If you find these tips useful, make sure you follow and stop the annoying pests from entering your home. Whenever you need assistance, call Premium Pest Control on 0401 284 889 to help you out.

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