Are Households Under Threat Due To Rats This Summer? – Here’s The Detail

Summer is the best time for most pests, especially rats. So, this season invites you to call for a rat control service to trap the sneaky renters who have been scurrying back and forth in your house. There is a misconception that rats invade our homes only during winters, but they’re particularly active during this season and have been increasing quite rapidly and inevitably. If you think that pest control services aren’t necessary during summer; it isn’t the case, it’s safe to have a professional inspect your home and prevent from rat infestations.

Open Windows & Doors

Though it’s quite normal for you to open windows and doors during this hot weather, it makes an easier entry for rats to get in. They eat, sleep, gnaw, breed and mess around the property. By crawling through drains and pipes, they get to the house without your notice. So, ensure you have rat-proof meshes, rat blockers under pipes to stop their entry.

Call Professionals For Inspection

Summer is the best time for rats to breed. They are efficient breeders as well. The breeding cycle of a rat is much faster when compared to other pests. A female rat can give birth to 12 rat puppies, which take about 5-6 weeks to grow completely. Baby rats grow faster and are much annoying than big ones. So, even if you spot one rat scurrying across, its best to have an in-depth inspection before they turn into a severe infestation.

Structural Damage

Pipelines and drains are easy ways to get into your house. So, whenever you face a leaking faucet or a slow drain, you can understand that the culprits could be rats. They gnaw through the plastics and paper and make structural damage as well. In this case, you can use mouse traps available at stores. If you’re using rat poison, make sure they are not at the reach of your pets and children. On top of all, it’s safe to hire professional rat control  Dandenong experts to visit your property and get rid of them as early as possible.

Bottom Line

No matter what season it is, rats are harmful and they should be eliminated. So, if you’re dealing with a rat infestation, call Premium Pest Control on 0401 284 889.

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